Class presentation on December 6 or 9.

5%. A roughly 10-minute oral presentation on the topic of your final paper.

This is not a formal presentation; you do not need slides or a formal outline.

Note that the paper does not need to be done in order for you to be able to give a great presentation. The purpose of the presentation is that it can help you settle on a clear way to explain your research design and the basic structure of your paper, which will help you then complete the final draft.

Presentations must include two parts.

  1. A summary of what you think your paper will look like when it is done. This includes a thesis statement and some of the key evidence. Students should consult with me about what to present but a typical presentation includes a complete description of the hypothesis and research design, one observation, and a conclusion. You do not need to follow the same format as the paper, and do not need to use all of the evidence.
  2. A description of the major revisions you are making for the final draft.