Peer reviews


2 reviews, 5% each. 10% total.

Due as assigned.

I will assign peer reviews of specific papers written by other students in the class. Reviews should be emailed to me and the author of the paper you are reviewing by the assigned due date. There is no specific word count, but I expect that your review will be comprehensive; in the past, good reviews have run about 2-5 pages long.

Each review is worth 5 points (5% of the course grade).

In your review of the paper, please provide concrete suggestions for what the author can do in a revision, rooted in the work he or she has done so far. You should use the course textbook as a reference – make sure that you properly describe concepts such as independent and dependent variables, case selection and various kinds of bias. Be sure, also, to discuss the kinds of evidence the author uses and how he or she might make better use of it.

Note that you are being graded on the quality of your review, not on the quality of the paper you are reviewing.

Students who complete their term paper draft on time may request to do up to two additional peer reviews for extra credit, for up to 3 extra credit points each. To get an extra credit assignment email me no later than 5 days after the due date for the draft.