Papers from previous semesters

Below are some of the topics students have written papers about in previous semesters.

  • Do the structure of U.S. primary elections affect partisan polarization?
  • Why do minority groups in some countries rebel?
  • When do female politicians run for higher office?
  • What kinds of gun laws lead to more black market gun sales?
  • Does the U.S.¬†get political influence from its arms sales?
  • When do mass movements mobilize against authoritarian regimes?
  • Why do some countries have higher quality public education systems?
  • Did leaks of NSA programs damage U.S. foreign relations?
  • Does international conflict lead to more sports violence?
  • Do social welfare programs in the U.S. influence family structure?
  • Does negative campaigning reduce voter turnout?
  • Why do countries change their electoral rules?
  • What causes terrorism?
  • What causes civil wars to start?
  • Do European Union membership conditions improve the rule of law in Eastern Europe
  • When do large sporting events promote tourism?