Literature Review

Written literature review: 10 points. Due October 15 October 18

Literature review presentation: 5 points. In-class, October 18, 21, or 25 October 25 or 28

Discuss the various ways scholars have addressed your research question. Refer to at least 8 published, social science articles on your topic (those may include the 3 from the previous assignments). Check with me first to make sure that your articles count.

Explain where scholars have answered questions in similar ways and where they have come up with different answers. When their answers are different, explain why they reached different conclusions (for example, did they use different kinds of evidence, or pose the question differently).

Describe the ways scholars have defined and measured their independent and dependent variables, especially when they use the same variables that you do.

At least some of the articles should have the same dependent variable as your term paper, and at least some of the articles should have the same major independent variable(s).

This assignment is not an annotated bibliography, and it isĀ not a compilation of article summaries. The review should be an essay organized around ideas and concepts, not as a list of articles.

Your review must include complete citations.

There is no specific required length, but I expect that the assignment, correctly completed, will be about 5 or 6 pages.

Please talk with me before you start writing your review, and again before you begin preparing your presentation.