Fall 2020 Class Policies

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in Fall 2020 this course is a hybrid course. Most course meetings will be in-person (but with an online option for students who wish to take the course fully online), and some course meetings will be fully online. The schedule for each week notes what kinds of meetings we will have on particular days, and I will use email and calendar reminders for everyone.

If you would like to take the class entirely online, you may do that; you will not need to notify me of your preference to do the course entirely online until the second week of the semester. You may change between in-person and online at any point in the semester, and will not need to give me a reason.

All of the assignments for this class will be the same for all students, whether they are completing the course in-person or online.

How classes will work

There are four kind of class meetings: full hybrid meetings, full online meetings, small group meetings, and one-on-one meetings. These are all planned out on the syllabus and on the course web page. I will also email students weekly to remind them of the schedule, and will post calendar updates for students through their Marymount calendars. For any in-person meeting, I expect all students to wear face coverings, regardless of whether or not the meeting is outdoors.

Full hybrid meetings

The most common kind of meeting – especially at the start of the semester – will be a full hybrid meeting. I will run those class meetings in person, on campus. These meetings will also, simultaneously, be available for students online by videoconference on Google Meet. In the class, I will wear a microphone under a face shield, and have a laptop with the class videoconference in front of me, so that students participating online will have the same access as students attending in person.

Each student should log in to the videoconference, whether they are participating in person or remotely. Because I will have a face shield, and because I and the students attending in-class will be physically-separated, even those students who are joining the class in person should use their phones or other devices to log in to the conference and listen in on headphones or earbuds. I also encourage students who participate in class to talk into their own microphones in the conference, so that I and everyone else will be able to hear them okay.

When the weather and space permits, I will run the class meetings in an outside space on campus. We will only meet in the assigned classroom if an outside space is unavailable or impractical. Students should check their email, calendars, or the course web page before class for updates about the class meeting location when they choose to participate in-person.

In the event of a campus closure (whether due to the pandemic or some other reason), these class sessions will continue to meet live, as scheduled; they will just be fully online, without an in-person option.

Full online meetings

Some of the class sessions are full online meetings. For these meetings there will be no in-person meeting. We will meet entirely by videoconference, but “live” – that is, I expect students to log in at the scheduled class time.

In the event of a campus closure, the schedule and format of these online meetings will not be affected.

Small group meetings

Some of the class meetings will be small group meetings. I will assign students to groups, and will rearrange the teams several times throughout the semester.

Group meetings will be about 30 minutes. I am available to meet with groups in-person, although groups may decide to have their meetings with me fully online if they prefer. (I will try to group students together based on their preference for meeting in-person or online.) Groups will have the option of meeting with me during the regularly-scheduled class time or during some other time that works for them. I will rearrange groups several times during the semester.

One-on-one meetings

Some meetings will be one-on-one meetings. During weeks when one or both class sessions are replaced with one-on-one meetings, everyone in the class must meet with me individually at least once. For those meetings you may use my appointment calendar (cal.chadrector.net) to reserve a time. These one-on-one meetings will usually be about 30 minutes long, and for each meeting I will assign a short paragraph for students to write before the meeting.

Note that I am also available, as always, for individual meetings even when they are not specifically required for the class. Students should set an appointment to meet with me using my calendar of available meeting times. I will have a wide variety of possible times available. Some of those available meeting times will be for in-person team meetings on campus, while others will be online through Google Meet.

When the weather and space permits, I will hold in-person individual meetings in an outside space on campus. In the event of a campus closure (whether due to the pandemic or some other reason), these individual meetings will continue as scheduled; they will just be fully online, without an in-person option.