Turn in the assignments by emailing them to me. Unless otherwise specified, assignments are due at midnight at the end of the day. All course assignments are requirements – failure to complete any course assignment will result in automatic failure of the course. In general, I mark papers down by 1 point for each day (or any fraction thereof) late, until about half the points are gone. Any paper may be turned in at any point in the semester for up to half-credit (and will count as complete). For most assignments, any student who initially turned in the assignment on time may redo the assignment later for up to full credit with only a 1-point penalty (this does not apply to the draft term paper, final draft, and presentation assignments, which may not be redone).

In addition, students may get up to 5 points of extra credit for participation in class discussions, and students who complete a draft on time may get up to 6 points of extra credit for completing additional peer reviews.