In spring 2018 I have office hours Mondays and Thursdays, 10-11:45 (on each of those days that classes are scheduled). At those times please feel free to come by my office without an appointment. Occasionally during times of peak demand I may also have office hours on a Tuesday or Friday, 10-3, by appointment. To see the schedule and make an appointment use this calendar. (You must be logged in to gmail or Marymount email. Scroll to the right to see future weeks.) All meetings are in my office, Ireton G108. If you do not make an appointment you are welcome to drop by but I cannot promise that I will be there. If you make an appointment but then cannot make it to that appointment, please email me to let me know. Any student who makes, and then misses, three or more appointments without cancelling them in advance will be permanently banned from making future appointments.

Please have assigned readings completed by the Thursday meeting each week. “Chapter” refers to chapters in the Baglione textbook.

January 18
Project overview, discussion of scope, and writing review

January 22
The systematic study of politics
Read chapter 1 and 2 and How politics makes us stupid

January 25 – no regular class today

Types of analysis assignment due January 26

January 29 and February 1
Journal articles
Read chapters 3 and 4

Topic paragraph due February 2

February 5 and February 8 – Meet in library classroom
Finding journal articles
Read chapters 3 and 4

February 12 and February 15
Structure and causality
Read chapter 5

Article summary #1 due February 14

February 19 
Inferring cause
Read chapter 6

February 22 – no regular class today
Politics program lunch, noon to 2 in cafeteria private dining room

Article summary #2 due February 25

February 26 and March 1
Paper organization

Article summary #3 due March 4

March 5 and March 8
Writing techniques, structure of evidence [slides]
Read chapter 7 and Bullshit

Article summary #4 and dependent variable summary due March 11

Spring break

March 19 and March 22
Paper structure and evidence
Read chapter 8

Article summary #5 and independent variable summary due March 23 March 28

March 26 – no regular class today

Easter break

April 3 and 5

April 9 and 12 – Meet in library classroom
Wikipedia and newspapers
Read chapter 8

Wikipedia edit to be completed in class April 12

Case study due April 15

April 16 and 19
Writing review
Read chapter 15

Draft due April 22

Most peer reviews due sometime in the next week or so

April 23 and 26
Draft workshop

April 30 and May 3
Draft review and writing workshop (data: sample, another samplelink)

Day and time for the final exam

Term paper due May 12