About a Photograph


Tuesday. January 22

Josh Newton About A Photograph = The picture was interesting to me not only for the couple but what is in the background, a smoke in the clear sky, reminded me about the James bond movie.

Tuesday, February 5

World Press Photo winner, John Stanmeyer, featured in this week’s “About A photograph”, The composition of the image, by the beach, using the moon’s light and the people’s phone’s light


About A Photo with William Albert Allard, Something that reminds me of street photography, where he captured the moment precise. framing it with the light highlights the edges of the person in the picture. telling a story of a short journey of a lonely cowboy.


About A Photograph with Ron Haviv, A moment where a soldier, devastated to see that everybody was dead on his village. a very personal moment that as a Ron described. an emotional moment that was needed to be captured. “They destroyed everything”.

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