Nat Geo- Photo Essay 3/31

These affected me emotionally because not only did it give perspective on the effects and outcome on cities but the personal perspective of people on a personal level during this pandemic. What are others doing to stay busy, healthy, safe? It helps see the severity of the issue but also brings comfort knowing we aren’t the only ones going through such tough times. Two photos that stood out the most to me compared to the others were-

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-By Ian Teh: This horizontal photo seems to be taken right before sunset, possibly partly cloudy. The image shows what is usually a high traffic area during rush hour being completely empty which really helps envision the Movement control order that only takes a quick second to realize how serious things are all over the world.

 Milan, Italy- By Camilla Ferrari: Another horizonal photo, this one really captures the poetry of home. The Golden hour glow from the man in the image really creates depth and the reflection adds personality. The color contrast and lighting really draw you in and allow you to stop and stare for a while and live in the moment, but from home.

Both these photos captured the full moment with the wide view/angle, and both used a great time of day to capture that natural light to emphasize and focus on their photos. 


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Reading through these articles were pretty interesting in the sense that facial expressions may not alway be universal or give a senes of emotion. Body language also plays a major part in how emotion can be portrayed in a photo. In different societies and cultures expressions might be translated a bit differently and adding a couple more components to the photography like the color, background, body language, and facial expression can really create a stronger picture that could reach and create an impact that more viewers could appreciate.

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