Adjusted spirit photos

Before                                                             After



Portrait Composition

Eye Level

1. Head and shoulders – top of head/hair cut off

2. Full figure – from head-to-toe

3. Closeup of face – top of head/hair and chin cut of


4. Hands and or feet

5. Portion of a person

Including backgrounds

6. 2/3rds the person –
and 1/3rd the background

7. 1/3rd the person –
and 2/3rds the background

Portrait settings

8. Intimate portrait

9.Interesting setting

10. Graphic element

Capture the mood

11. Mood portrait 1: Surprised

12. Mood portrait 2: Annoyed

Portrait photos


1.window side “Rembrandt” lighting

2.window back light

3.window light plus a lamp

4.Using just a lamp

5.florescent overhead lighting


1. Cloudy

2.Looking through window

3. Unusual camera angle
4. 2nd unusual camera angle
5. Surprise – unexpected photo


1. In open shade
2. Back-lit on a sunny day – hair glow
3. Golden hour – hour before sunset or after sunrise
4. Mid-day on a sunny day
5. Dusk or dawn
6. At night under street light or car headlights, cigarette lighter etc.

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