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John Stanmeyer About A Photograph from thinkTank Photo on Vimeo. This was an interesting shot. The lighting was so soft and inviting and the composition, so strong and intreating. To see the migration and getting lost in the moment without an actual direction but catching that moment of hope to connect was great to see.


Ed Kashi’s work in Nigeria is featured this week in ‘About A Photograph’. This was inspirational to see all of these elements come together in a simple way. I like how he used the dynamic and the moment to catch that perfect shot and was ready at all times to catch that image. Just being prepared and quick yet focusing on that shot through and prop was interesting to see. 


About A Photograph : Randy Olson This was a great photo which really resembled movement and life. Its was really amazing to see how the photographer-Randy Olson was able to capture such a busy and crowded scene and show us not only the importance and symbolism in the trains and public transportation but the people that populate that busy  area and use that station. This to me was inspirational because it really shows the ability to “capture” a moment.


About A Photo : Joe McNally This image is very dignified, strong, and yet graceful all at the same time. This one is inspirational to me because of how it is able to capture all of these different attributes. With a single ballerina on a rooftop, the proper lighting, and strong background really pull this image together to give us those points and moods.


About A Photo with William Albert Allard from thinkTank Photo on Vimeo. I found this photo interesting because of the use of light and how it directs you to look at the man. As I looked deeper  at the photo that use of light that directs you to the man at the end of the light and the bar force you to “look inside the person rather than at that person” as William Allard said. This was inspirational because the use of light was so strong and directional.


About A Photograph – Ben Lowy #Sandy from thinkTank Photo on Vimeo.When I first saw this picture I was surprised but I let close to this picture because hurricane sandy hit my hometown. It was crazy to see how Ben Lowy was able to catch this person, the background, and the stormy wave. He really captured a story in this photograph and getting to see that sometimes you don’t need a fancy camera to capture a strong picture that tells a story is inspirational.


About A Photograph with Adam Elmakias from thinkTank Photo on Vimeo. This photo was inspirational because of its simplicity in subjects. It was so natural and in the moment but to see a memory of a truthful moment like this was nice to see. Being a photographer is all about catching moments and sometimes those moments are all that would be left of a person so this was a great example of living in moment for me which made it so important and stand out. Although it is in black and white it hold weight.


Al Diaz – About A Photograph from ThinkTank Photo on Vimeo. This image was surprising and confusing at first. but as you look closer you see the child and its skin color and the woman’s desperation and action to see this newborn. This is a great photo that shows human emotion and adrenaline. As a photographer, you have to always be ready for these moments and always remember the rules learned to capture a strong photo. The rule of thirds and background add on to the photo making it a lot stronger carrying lots of weight and emotion that we could feel because of those tips.


Josh Newton About A Photograph from thinkTank Photo on Vimeo. This was an amazing shot that truly captured a dramatic and memorable moment. I found this photograph inspirational because it shows how not only the contrast in color works but how the subject of a photo can also change the perspective. If this was taken without the happy couple it would be a tragic photo of a natural disaster, but the mood is lightened and truly shows the flexibility of a picture and how good composition can truly change an image.


About A Photograph : Acey Harper from thinkTank Photo on Vimeo. Although black and white this image is an eye catcher. It was very cool to see how different props could be used to create a great image and powerful focal point. The contrast of her skin tone and that grass in the background aside to the stunt being performed made this photograph very powerful and thats what drew me into the moment.


Tyler Stableford’s breathtaking image inside a rare cave in lceland’s Langjökull Glacier. I found this photograph amazing and highly inspirational because there are “adventure photographers” that get out there and push themselves to really catch those moving elements to capture those graphic moments which keep viewers interested. I loved the angle and contrast colors and textures of the glacier.



I found this article inspirational because as you scroll throughout the site it really gives you an idea on how important photographers are when capturing a single moment that could tell a million words and amazing creativity. Using elements of weather, landmarks, portraits etc. could  truly bring these images to life and tell a story which can create a sense of nostalgia, hope, excitement, sadness etc. all within one image. It was interesting to see how long a photographer could be in the industry for so many years and continue to learn how to perfect their craft. David Bergman on Photographing Bon Jovi was such a strong energy photo with so much passion which gave me a real classic rockstar vibe.

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