Walking Through the Blend of City and Nature

The journey begins with a pathway that leads to what seems like nowhere, but is covered with beautiful flowers and greenery that are something to admire.
They are so captivating that even my dog, Luna, decides to stop and take a sniff of the greenery.
Even though the city of Tysons is full of hustle and bustle, there is a small recreational park for locals to gather and play a quick sports game or to walk a short trail.
You are quickly reminded of the city’s presence when you look to your left and remember the highway that lies beside.
While continuing the journey through Tysons, you see the city morph into nature as of it was meant to blend together.
Even the smallest of branches make the city feel more like a rural area.
You soon come across our national flag waving in the wind while looking up to the sun rays for warmth.
As you walk into the shadows of the sidewalk you are quickly reminded of the laws of the land.
It is interesting what small discoveries there are to be found in a small city area, even just a leaking fire hydrant that creates this city river.
The city river then pulls you toward a hidden river that flows in the heart of the city, and as we continue on we end in a place of reflection and remembrance.
We must never forget our journey and the journey of our past people. We all have a purpose as does the nature and city.

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