About a Photograph

The Man Up Close:

I thought it was interesting how the photographer went very close to his subjects and desired very different elements and forms of action. He talked about how any good photographer could take his pictures but the all can’t be where he is shooting pictures where he is which sets him apart.


obin Williams

Obin Williams photograph is the one I chose for this week because it used facial expression as well as body language. Both men in the photograph are waving with a single finger and smiling. This makes them look very friendly and like they are having a great time. A good picture for something informal.


About a Photogprah 5

I watched Ted Jackson who took a picture in hurricane Katrina. He went adventuring on the streets to look for a noticeable land mark and great street that captures the wind. He talked about how their were others like him going out who lost their homes which hurt. However, landmarks were something that he desired and I had to find a memorable background for my recent photo assighnment so it something I want to look for when I take photos now.


About a Photograph 6

This is of a picture of a wedding with a massive fire in the background. It was taken right before the marine and before the fire fighters came to enforce evacuation. The photographer took the two people who were getting married and had them stand in position in front of a wildfire. The picture captured destruction and love at the same time. This taught me that it’s always good to have a cemera with you all the time. You never know when something crazy such as a raging wildfire could happen on the same day you attend a wedding. Those will be some pics the bride and groom will remember for the rest of their lives.


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