In the first article it talked about how the face has more then just six facial expressions it and that knowing which one you are taking can make a big difference in the photo you are trying to take. In the second article it talked about the differences in body language that we tend to look at someones face to try and find out what they are thinking but it says that we also pay attention to what their body is doing and make a conclusion off of that, and in photos it changes the vibe that is being given off. Finally in the third article it talked about how depending on where you have grown up facial expressions may very. For example, a slit smile in the US may mean you are happy and just chilling but in a different country it could mean that your are uncomfortable and want to leave.

Mark Turtoo Creates Haunting Visual Stories of Loneliness and the Human Psyche

This Photo effects me in a way that “you see now evil” or “seeing is pain”. More specifically, this photo has a very strong sense of pain that comes from your eye sight. It reach out to me because while the man is blind folded it looks like he is crying tears of blood like his eyes were cut. The mine source of light comes from the right side of the image, while there is a lower blue light from the left side of the image.

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