Portrait Composition


1)2/3rds the person – and 1/3rd the background  2)Interesting setting -portrait


3) Graphic element – Portrait with a graphic element  4) Portion of a person


5) Intimate portrait 6) Closeup of face – top of head/hair and chin cut off


7) Full figure – from head to toe  8)  Head and shoulders – top of head/hair cut off


9) Hands and or feet  10) 1/3rd the person – and 2/3rds the background


11) Mood portrait 1  12) Mood portrait 2

Portrait Lighting

Outdoor informal portraits

  1. Open shade  2)

3) 4)

5) 6) At night under street light or car headlights, cigarette lighter etc.

 Indoor informal portraits

1) Using window side “Rembrandt” lighting  2) Using window back light


3) Using window light plus a lamp  4) Using just a lamp


5) Using florescent overhead lighting

Indoor & outdoor informal portraits including backgrounds

1) Cloudy, foggy, sleet, snow or rainy day or bathroom shower steam 2) Looking through a closed window or screen-door


4) Unusual camera angle 5) 2nd unusual camera angle


5) Surprise – unexpected photo

Adjusted photos





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