About A Photograph

About A Photograph | Tyler Stableford

I found this video inspiring because they went to extreme lengths to get a photo. Its absolutely amazing how they just decide to rise there lives for a chance to share and amazing experience with other. This photo in particular will not last very long because it was taken in a moving GLACIER, like who in their right mind would hope into a moving glacier for a photo.

John Stanmeyer About A Photograph

What I found interesting is the story that is attached to this photo. That the people stand on the beach trying to get a signal to communicate back home. It also captures the world and how things are not always what they seem.

Brian Skerry | About A Photograph

I found this picture inspiring because i personal love animals and how each of them are special in their own way and that people need to know that they are not just something for human use they are like use and deserve to live their lives without having the invasion of human life. I also found it amazing that he was face to face with a shark a really miss understood animal and how it just bumped off of him and it just figured out what it was looking at.

Ami Vitale | About A Photograph

I found this picture inspiring because it reminded me of how taking in the full experience in an image can really make it change completely and look a lot more interesting.

Ron Haviv | About A Photograph

What I found inspiring is the pure emotion and story that was captured buy this image and how it is deeper then you would initially think.

About A Photograph Adam Elmakias

The insuring part about this video is to take picture when you can and try to make them meaningful because you never know what might happen to a person in the days to come.

Josh Newton About A Photograph

What I can take from this video is that when something unexpected happens just roll with it and you may never know what my come out of it.

About A Photograph : Steve Winter 

What I find inspiring is how you can simply set a camera in a spot and you my come out this something that is more then you ever expected. It is kinda like filming the sky and playing tit back to get a time laps.


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