Extra Credit

Founder’s Luncheon

Wednesday March 4, 2020
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM 


A conversation with Sr. Luisa Almendra, visiting RSHM, moderated by Dr. Brian Doyle.

Core Values:

  • Wholeness of life for all
  • Unity through diversity
  • Faith that leads to justice, purpose, and excellence
  • Welcoming and inclusive community spirit
  • Alertness to local and global needs
  • Caring for the most vulnerable

What I learned:

  • Attending this conversation have taught me how to not be afraid of being in a diverse community and how sister Luisa.
  • Another thing I learned that the concept of RSHM is for “all” every human being are welcomed, they never questioned the human what’s their religion or from where they came, etc.



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