the first article about facial mussels was really interesting thinking there is so many different face expressions that we could show but however mean many different thing also i didn’t know that it might be different for every cultural as one of his studies he testes on different tribes and they gave more answers or thought about the picture as they were for them they see it in a different way.this article thought me that when taking a photo i have to understand the face expressions that I’m going for and if everyone would view it the same way as i wanted them to see it.

the second article is about body language and it talked about the study they did people and their body language and when they showed it to the audience they couldn’t know if it was a positive reaction or a negative one without the face so they came to the conclusion that when they wanna use it they would show the person as a whole other than just the body only. i learned that while using a photo is to make sure the person can know what reaction they are looking at with or with out the face, only by using the body language.

the third article talks about how facial experience is more universal that goes for the 4 communes expressions that he talked about as for the researches that was done it supported that theory but couldn’t say the same for the other expression as they were a part of the different culture. i learned about this article is that if i was talking a photo that would be used as a universal photo it would be smart to use one of the 4 commons ones in order not to making confusing or misunderstood.


Why This Picture of a Girl Starving in Yemen Was One of the Most Important Photos of 2018

elect a photo essay from one of these links :

and explain how this essay effected you emotionaly and why.

this easy have effected me because of the story behind it and mostly how sad the photo was that was the main reason i clicked on it after reading the topic because i wanted to know the story behind it

Then explain how lighting, camera angles, and choice of images are being used effectively to tell a story and convey an emotion. i think the photo was the perfect choose for the story and how it had a dark background to just focus on the starving little child where we can see her body so skinny to the point that her bones were choosing with perfect light and close up to show it



Extra credit 

i learned while the can producer was talking about his 3 steps which made him what he is today which are being how he became a tv journalist  which he went through so many hardships and wasn’t what he wanted to do but it was what he need to do after 9/11 . second he talked about how is was inside the control room  and he talked about how his life is being an NBC page . i learned so much about how they deliver everything and how there part matter no matter what part it was because at the end they needed to show the people the truth



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