nature photo essay

The secret magical woods of Reston


many woods have trees and beautiful nature but unlike Reston woods it has a magical touch that invites people in with it’s tall beautiful trees i want people to see how beautiful nature can be


1. 2/3rs foreground 1/3 sky _this photo will be taken in the dawn of the tall trees and the sky

2. 1/3 sky 2/3rds foreground  midday of the sky

3. With leading lines _ the sidewalk in the middle of the wood and this photo will be taken in midday
4. Framed within the photograph _ framed photo of book cabin in the middle of the wood in the midday
5. A closeup _ a close up picture of a flower in the golden hour
6. A pattern _ the pattern of the trees next to each other in the golden hour
7. Shadows_ the shadow of a tree midday
8. Reflections_ the reflection of the river in the middle of the woods

trees, water, grass, flowers, sidewalks, small library and animals

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