About a photograph

Brian Skerry About A Photograph

i found this very inspiring because under the stress and the fear the photographer was under he still thought of a good picture and not actually saving his life, it’s a very interesting and attention seeking photo.



Josh Newton About A Photograph

this photo was taking in an actual fire seen where it happened in the woods and the photographer took advantage of it and took a dramatic photo for the two couples that actually look very nice so what i learned is always take advantage of what is around you no matter what.




John Moore on Ebola in Monrovia for ‘About A Photograph

for this week i choose this video because it got my attention how a photographer would risk his health to capture a picture like this which speaks from it self on how strong it as by just looking at it and getting what it is about.




John Stanmeyer About A Photograph

this picture was captured people holding their phones up for a signal to hopefully reach their loved ones back home and i liked it because the way it was taking was very eye pleasing on how dark it was and you can see only their black bodies on the way of the moon light i thought it was very beautiful




About A Photo : Joe McNally

this week i choose joe mcnally photo because it attracted my eyes on how beautiful was and the problem he had taking it while no one let him take the photo in there roff also that it was in the middle of February and cold but it didn’t show how cold the model was , in fact it showed the opposite thing from the view and the was she was standing which i thought was pretty amazing and interesting.




Al Diaz – About A Photograph

this week i choose this photo of a woman giving a baby CPR in the middle of traffic and i really liked it because how it sends a great massage that there is still good people out there and i liked how the photographer went to get help first then decided when was the right moment to share this picture with the world.




About A Photograph : Peter Read Miller

for this week i have choosen this photo because it looked very creative and i was surprised to find out that it was actually a mistake that it turned out to be a good mistake when the photographer took this photo he wanted it to be focused however it came out blurry but pointing out the star in the photo which gave it that creative look that no one would think it’s a mistake. i really love it because it came out as a mistake and now it’s an art work.




Tyler Stableford – About A Photograph

for this week i have have chosen this photo where was taking in a cave and i really liked how it captured the light and the energy from the cave and lights it made it look powerful even tho it was just a picture of a cave but it gave this strong energy and that was because of the way the light hits the wall inside the cave that made it like that which makes me really think of ways to use the lights in a picture to give it more power and affect.



John Tlumacki – About A Photograph

for this week i have chosen this photo because it was taking in a Boston during marathon session and two booms have exploded and we see officers running to a person who have fallen down during the booming and how the photographer have risked his life just to capture this heroic moment and i really liked how he did that so people can see what was happening right in the moment



About A Photograph with Deanne Fitzmaurice

for this week i choose this photo because it was interesting seeing the diversity of both sports and gay couples and this photo got so many attention because people don’t think that gay people would be intresting  in sports . i thought it was an intresting  photo that had a massage and a meaning behind it



David Bergman on Photographing Bon Jovi

for this week i have chosen this photo because i like how the photographer took a great photo in this bad weather and it turned out amazing and when he was explaining how it took him 25 years just to be able to take a photo like this i was very impressed by it .



Ted Jackson The 2005 Hurricane Katrina – About A Photograph

for this week i have chosen  this photo of the hurricane of katurina  and how the photographer took the exact photo of the photo in that weather same place and exact position which made it look very look and showed the people how different the place looked in that condition and without .




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