The secret magical woods of Reston

having a nice relaxing walk in wood between tress

taking the time to listen to natures busy talk

reflections in the water can sometimes trick us

the sound of water coming down can be peaceful

just enjoy the sound  

if we focused a little we can notice small things  

tress everywhere but we cant get enough 

the right angle can always give us a path

beautiful things dont always have to be light

dont forget to lookup sometimes it’s better than what’s on the ground

isnt green so magical ? 

being different can be spacial

let’s take a ride through

patterns are so beautiful

bad weather doent mean always an ugly thing

find the beauty in everything enjoy is while is lasts

so magical



patterns fix everything

water can be a mirror sometimes

details matter

the SUN is back to shine

beautiful highlights

look closer beauty

just like a purl

time for it to blow out

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