commuter pain

sometimes we have to be patient and keep looking for parking in all places


marymount has many commuter students and not enough parking spaces for all

no matter what time it is in the day it’s very challenging and time wasting to keep looking

most marymount  commuter students come in before their classes just to wait for a parking to be empty


most of marymount surface parking are reserved for spacial guest so students will be ticked if they parked there.





not all marymount parking are usable because some of them are to small or doesn’t have enough space to get in or leave it

mid day in marymount for a commuter can be challenging if there is no parking even in the garages

marymount has two garages but unfortunately they are still too crowded so students have to keep switching back and fourth to look for a parking


even through facilitates have their own reserved parking in the surface parking they still have reserved parking all over the garages


it can be very frustrating to keep looking at empty parking when you are late for class and need one !

some marymount parking are used as storage places or not for students

some parking can be very challenging to park in that students don’t wanna take the risk and crash

marymount has many visitors that can make it hard to find parking since many people can just take it without parking pass

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