Human Faces Can Express at Least 21 Distinct Emotions

It was intersisting to see that humans faces can express 21 distinct emotions, and it was something new to learn about because what we see might not necessary be what we think it is when seeing an expression on a persons face. There are parts in the articles I found important for me when taking photos. For example, when taking photographs I have to pay close attention to the actually muscle expression a person is making to make sure that it’s a happy expression. Also, the way a certain expression may be viewed is also something to consider since in different cultures some expressions mean other things. Next, in the second articles, body language is another importantpart to focus on when taking photos because it gives more expression and details about the person. Overall, I found these points I collected was important and helpful in my future photoraphy journey

Emotions May Not Be So Universal After All

In this article, it shows cultures interpret emotions that seem universal but are actually not. Also, it shows that the way they express themselves in the basic six emotions, are more likely less than four. I like to improve my photography skills by traveling and gain a better understanding on emotions portrayed in other countries.
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