About A Photograph

Robert Hanashiro on Robin Williams – About A Photograph

In this video, it talked about Robin Williams’ life and how he was mentally going through a lot. It was up and down moments, but this photograph he was happy and smiling. Even in his tough moments, Robin Wiliams showed us to be grateful and happy in life.

Ted Jackson The 2005 Hurricane Katrina – About A Photograph

the hurricane of Katrina  and how the photographer took the exact photo of the photo in that weather same place and exact position which made it look scary and showed the people how different the place looked in that bad and good condition.

David Bergman and Photographing Bon Jovi

I chose this video because David Bergman the photographer begins describing the photo by saying how amazing it was to have the access that he had to be able to get into the spot for this photo. The ability to freely move on the stage was able to get him into angles that are otherwise impossible to get. The main thing about this photo though is the element of rain, you are so clearly able to see not only each individual drop but also the severity of how hard it is also raining.

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