Creating galleries using WordPress Photographer Them

In WordPress Photographer Theme

1. Create a new post – title the post the title of your galleries
2. Insert your photos in the post – use either “Medium” or “Large” image size
3. Add captions under each photo by typing under them in the post
4. Insert a Featured Image – it should be different from the inserted images
5. Select the Category “galleries” – create new category “gallery” when creating your 1st gallery
6. Above the 1st inserted photo type the caption for the “Featured Image” photo
7. Publish your post
8. Under “Appearance”  under “Customize” Under “Theme Options” under “Portfolio Options”  set:
Portfolio Template Posts to “galleries”
Portfolio Template Columns to “Three Columns”
Category Portfolio Columns to “Two Columns”
Project Template Columns to “Two Columns”

Adding a galleries page to WordPress Photographer Theme

1. Create a new page – title the page galleries
2. Under “Page Attributes”  under “Template” select Portfolio three column (or one or two column)
3. Publish your page

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