The Double-Edged American Dream

This article discusses the disparity between the ideals of the American Dream and reality. The American Dream promises greater reward through hard work and personal responsibility, but the reality is that working harder has done nothing to narrow… Read More

American Dream (immigrant story)

This is a different outlook to the american dream from the immigrant perspective

American Dream

American Dream Article The American Dream according to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And I tell you this morning, my friends, the reason we got to solve this problem here in America: Because God somehow called America to… Read More

American Dream

According to this CNN article, the American Dream is being restored due to the improvement of the economy during the past year. Listed below are three reasons:   More people are getting jobs. Americans have gotten their balance… Read More

The Dark Side of the American Dream

Multiculturalism in many ways has formed the modern day American dream.  Neil Gabler discusses how multiculturalism enables roots for moral relativism.  His focus is the dark side of the affects that moral relativism has on the American dream.  How can… Read More

Hotel California & The Great Gatsby

Hotel California For much of my life, the song Hotel California by The Eagles has been one of my favorites. Initially I was attracted to the sound and the beat. As I grew older I began to actually… Read More

Living the American Dream Everyone wants to be happy and happiness is the essence of living the American Dream. We all try to gain happiness by putting ourselves in a position to excel at what we love to do. Living the American… Read More

Amercan Dream Article

Why the American Dream is here to stay The article mainly discusses what the American dream is, how it came to be, and how it changed. This article explains how the American school systems placed an overemphasis on… Read More

American Dream article

The notion of the “American Dream” is changing and individuals are uncertain of achieving it. The article talks about how the American Dream has was much simpler to achieve back then, however Americans are now struggling with the… Read More

American Dream Articles

American Dream “It’s not materializing because the cost of things has risen, but wages have stayed the same, and full-time jobs have diminished.”- Lucky Severson We have a set idea on what the American Dream represents a humble… Read More

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