Reflective paper

Reflective paper on effectiveness and possible project improvements – answer the following six questions:

Please be very specific.
Length of paper is as long as needed.

1. What did you learn from doing this project?
2. What unexpecteds and obsticles did you you have to overcome?
3. What would do you diifferently now that your project is completed?
4. How does your completed project meet you proposed objectives?

  • Project objective: To inspire students to be more involved in their “Marymount Home Life”
  • Project description: (in 1 -3 sentences) A collection of photos, videos, and sound bites; culminating in an event that will make students feel more at home at Marymount. Content will be posted on a combination of a MUrhome website, as well as social media. Everything that is collected will be put together as one final piece during our live performance and archived on the MUrhome website.

5. The most ineffective aspect of your completed project?
6. The the most effective aspect of your project?

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