MUrHome project plan



Google Drive:



Final Results

MUrHome Facebook Results: 

91 likes (+25 this week) GOAL was 200 likes

97 page follows

1,090 post reach this week (4,694 total)

+158 post engagement this week

1,500 video views (April 11-May 8) – MUrHome Teaser Video 305 views ; 433 minutes watched

71% fans were women / 29% men

Countries Reached & Number of People Reached in Each Country

USA (861)

Argentina (230)

Saudi Arabia (18)

Peru (12)

Sudan (11)

United Kingdom (10)

Spain (9)

Uzbekistan (8)

Egypt (5)

Colombia (3)


MUrHome_ Instagram

127 posts

720 followers – GOAL was 450!!!

Following 3,701 accounts


Final Jobs before the Final Period 

  • Dan & Hanna ; International Club Event, Instagram Live, Friday 3:30pm Gerard Lobby
  • Julianna & Gabby ; interview any seniors after the CMD 425 Senior Sem final, FB live
  • Banner Party (5/8) 3:30pm St Joseph Rm G102 ; FB live ; Emily, Rob, K, V, Sara



MUrHome Facebook Live:

How long have you been at Marymount?

What’s your favorite place on campus and why?

What have you done recently at Marymount? (expand, an activity, an event, conference, meet up with friends)

MUrHome Instagram Page: 

What’s your favorite thing to do at Marymount?

What’s your favorite place in Marymount?

Always use #MUrHome in any post, so we can track every activity. 


Gabby, Emily, Sara- Present at Student Research Conference April 26th – Gabby reviewing proposal this week; all 3 will discuss plans later

Gabby, Vi, Emily- Coming up with ideas and planning event for MUrHome
Dan, Hanna, Rob- Continuing to cut individual video clips
* Social media is up and running – Instagram linked to FB page – everyone will be responsible for generating traffic, sharing videos that are posted, inviting their FB friends to like the page – Gabby & Julianna will alternate posting daily clips/ Ariele will post daily on Instagram


Updated Calendar: 

3/26 – V has teaser video completed / shared with class through the Google Drive

3/28 – Facebook & Instagram Initial Content goes up

4/4 – Work on editing/ continue to post to social media

4/11 – Clip Editing Deadline

4/25 – Class Event (Video Wall)

Clip Compiling: Gabby & Julianna (editing clips for Social Media)  Hannah (lead – editing  video wall), Robert, Dan

  • First priority is creating a teaser video that will go on Instagram/ Facebook pages (V is the lead on this will be done by Sunday 3/26)
  • Edit each clip that we have on the camera & phones/ clean up sound and edit out people asking the question
  • Put all edited clips in a shared Google Drive 

Social Media: Ariele (continue to lead Instagram) Gabby & Julianna (co-admin on Facebook page)

  •  Once clips are edited by team listed above Ariele, Gabby, Julianna post clips w/ student’s name on social media
  • Everyone will help generate interest / promote pages to friends to gain followers and start conversation 
    • Social Media Goals:
      • Facebook – 200 likes
      • Instagram – 450 followers

Social Media & Event Marketing – Omar & KB

Results Website: Sarah & Emily (co-leads)

Class Event: Gabby (lead)

  • Initial idea: projector showing project, ask people to contribute sticky notes on the dog house

Project Description:

  1. Project objective: To inspire students to be more involved in their “Marymount Home Life”
  2. Project description: (in 1 -3 sentences) A collection of photos, videos, and sound bites; culminating in an event that will make students feel more at home at Marymount. Content will be posted on a combination of a MUrhome website, as well as social media. Everything that is collected will be put together as one final piece during our live performance and archived on the MUrhome website.

Project Questions:

  1. Why (how) does Marymount feel like home to you?
  2. (If it doesn’t) what would make Marymount feel more like home to you?
  3. Is there something you brought to Marymount that reminds you of home? And why?

Participation Strategy

  • The Bark
  • Flyers- Invite
    • Emily (Make)
    • V (Make)
    • Sara (Make)
    • Julianna (Distribute)
  • Social Media/phone/tell a friend Pyramid

Project schedule:

2/15 Film- Emily & Juliana

2/16 Film- Abrahim and Omar

2/21 Meet at Bernie’s to film (EVERYONE)- 6:30 – 8:00pm

2/22 Film- Vi and Rob @ 12:15pm

2/23 Film- Sara and Emily @ 2:30pm

2/28  Submit to Student Research Conference

3/7 Spring Break






4/18 No class Monday class schedule

4/25 (4/26 Student research conference)



Project Co-leaders:

  • Emily Bielen
  • Julianna Jaime

Project responsibilities:

  • Website anchor hold everything together
    • Emily
    • Khailynn
    • Sara
  • Video Clips/Sound Bites
    • Hannah
    • Robert
    • Danny
    • Viveka
  • Social Media
    • Ariele (Instagram)
    • Ibrahim (Facebook)
    • Everyone will share content
  • E-mail/drive/box-
    • Omar
    • Julianna
    • Danny
  • Exhibit
    • TBD
  • TBD- Those who were absent

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