Alexandra Rivera Alexandra R. The purpose of this example is to raise awareness of how social media can take a toll on self-esteem and how invested one can be in trying to fit in, rather than being unique. The… Read More


  The purpose of the example? A Coca-Cola vending machine is transformed into a happiness machine delivering “doses” of happiness The audience for the example? Positioning this stunt at a university is a smart move in Singapore, where public signs… Read More

Maggie Cheng’s Weekly Media Example

Maggie Cheng The purpose of the example is to show people how it feels to bring social networking to the real-life world. The audience for this example were all adults. My example is effective because some of the… Read More

Rebecca Lake-Jan 21 Weekly Example

The purpose of this example is to show that people are more interested in giving money to things like drugs than for situations of social injustice. The audience is people of New York directly and then everyone. This… Read More

Teka Edwards-Deere Weekly Media Example

Teka Edwards-Deere Purpose of example: To show the beauty in the world Audience of example: The group of students filmed were high school students in Chicago, so it started with them and the class that the student did… Read More

Santiago Cerquera – Weekly Examples

1/20 Payphone Office The purpose of the example? The purpose is to give the payphones a useful service since they mostly take up space and aren’t used. The audience for the example? People using them for conference calls, working in… Read More

Daniel Sanchez – Performance media example

kr even though it might not be considered “performance media” I think it can be translated as one for a more activities oriented and more relatable experience. Daniel Sanchez M The purpose of the example? the purpose of… Read More

Weekly example assignment

1. Each week post a link to an inspirational example of performance media. 2. Answer the following questions about each of your examples. 3. Post your example with answers to the category “Weekly Examples” Your full name The… Read More

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