Alexandra Rivera Weekly example 2/4


  The purpose of the example? To promote the new movie, King Kong. The audience for the example? Movie watcher. Why your example is effective? because engage people to take pictures and post on social media, creating a promotion in the… Read More

Daniel Sanchez – Performance media example – W2

even though it might not be considered “performance media” I think it can be translated as one for a more activities oriented and more relatable experience. Daniel Sanchez M The purpose of the example? the purpose is to see… Read More

Maggie Cheng Weekly Example 1/28

The purpose of this was most likely showing people not to believe everything you see. Audience: People who love Apple Products. My example is effective because many people were in line waiting for hours, thinking there was an… Read More

Alexandra Rivera 1/28

    Alexandra Rivera The purpose is to demonstrate how people still condone things they shouldn’t even after knowing the consequences. The audience for this experiment are older adults or parents with teen children. This example is effective… Read More

Joe Zanelotti 1/28

In this example it shows how homeless people are more willing to give their food to absolute strangers. The audience is people of all ages. This is a great example because it shows how people who have the… Read More

Hannah Ratcliff- 1/28

Hannah Ratcliff Purpose: Spreading awareness regarding homeless people not being acknowledged or helped by society. Audience: All ages on YouTube Why is it effective: It is effective because it proves that we disregard homeless people so much that… Read More

Teka Edwards-Deere Weekly Example 1/28

Teka Edwards-Deere Purpose: to see if people actually noticed the difference when Jay and Joonki switched places Audience: people in Santa Monica, people that follow Jay on Youtube Why is it effective: You get to see either looking… Read More


The purpose of the example? The purpose is to transform regular people into a 007 agent to win a ticket. The audience for the example? Coca-cola buyers /action movie audience Why your example is effective? I believe that is effective since… Read More

Becky Lake- Jan 28 Example

The purpose: to reduce cigarette butt littering The audience: smokers in the UK Why your example is effective: people put their cigarette butts into the bin, people more likely to put the cigarettes in these bins for the fun… Read More

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