Maggie Cheng Weekly Example 2/18

I thought this campaign was effective because many people always think Asians look alike and throughout this video, these boys tested it out. I feel like it’s very stereotypical in today’s society where people think all Asians look… Read More


I think this is an interesting experiment that shows how women see themselves. This is important because the client can work on how to improve their self-love.


This campaign is very effective since it provoked a reaction over people who were against deportation. People would approach the artist and would try to make him change his message, and by the end, it made people create… Read More

Daniel Sanchez – Performance media example – W4

even though it might not be considered “performance media” I think it can be translated as one for a more activities oriented and more relatable experience. Daniel Sanchez M The purpose of the example? the purpose is to show… Read More

Maggie Cheng Weekly Example 2/11

The purpose of this social experiment was to see how people would react if it was them sitting on the streets. It’s effective because homelessness is a major issue and many people tend to walk by them not… Read More

Teka Edwards-Deere Weekly Example 2/11

Purpose of example: To see how people react to this guy having the coronavirus Audience: people that know about the coronavirus Why it’s effective: It’s effective because of how relevant it is right now

Alexandra Rivera 2/11


  The purpose of this example was to promote Sprite and encourage people who were taking a shower at the beach to drink Sprite. I believe this is somewhat effective because this won’t make them buy the soda,… Read More

Wafa Alharthi. The purpose of this video is making people think simply before they get overthinking The audience: Overthinking people. Why your example is effective: because we have many people around us who are overthinking, and this simple example… Read More

Becky Lake- Feb 11 Example

The purpose: to give people one-on-one personal contact, to make people feel seen, have people look inside themselves The audience: visitors to the MoMa Why your example is effective: you can see the powerful emotions when people sit down… Read More

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