This campaign is effective because it makes people wonder about those who don’t have access to clean water, so instead of buying a bottle of water to yourself, you will contribute and donate the dollar to those… Read More


This is another great example that creat an immediate connection to the audience. Hugs= love Love = Nutella (product)

Alexandra Rivera 2/25

Becky Lake-3/3 Example

The purpose of the example: freeze in Grand Central The audience for the example: People in Grand Central Station, NY Why your example is effective: Surprise factor (WTF), unexpected and great number of participants

Maggie Cheng Example 2/25

The purpose of this video was to show the difference between a millionaire and a homeless and who would the people give money too. Yes, it was effective because of both the person dressed like a millionaire and… Read More

Teka Edwards-Deere 2/25

The purpose: To see if people will actually stop to help a child that’s lost to help show how easy it is for kids to go missing in the US The audience: People that watch the channel or… Read More

Becky Lake- Feb 25 Example

News Report with Images

Becky Lake- Feb 18 Example

The purpose of the example? The audience for the example? Why your example is effective?

Alexandra Rivera 2/18

Teka Edwards-Deere Weekly Example 2/18

Purpose: to bring homeless awareness Audience: New Yorkers, and whoever else watches this channel Was it effective: I would say that it was somewhat effective because people started reacting finally when the guy was either pepper spraying or… Read More

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