Alexandra Rivera 2/25

Becky Lake-3/3 Example

The purpose of the example: freeze in Grand Central The audience for the example: People in Grand Central Station, NY Why your example is effective: Surprise factor (WTF), unexpected and great number of participants

Maggie Cheng Example 2/25

The purpose of this video was to show the difference between a millionaire and a homeless and who would the people give money too. Yes, it was effective because of both the person dressed like a millionaire and… Read More

Teka Edwards-Deere 2/25

The purpose: To see if people will actually stop to help a child that’s lost to help show how easy it is for kids to go missing in the US The audience: People that watch the channel or… Read More

Becky Lake- Feb 25 Example

News Report with Images

Becky Lake- Feb 18 Example

The purpose of the example? The audience for the example? Why your example is effective?

Alexandra Rivera 2/18

Teka Edwards-Deere Weekly Example 2/18

Purpose: to bring homeless awareness Audience: New Yorkers, and whoever else watches this channel Was it effective: I would say that it was somewhat effective because people started reacting finally when the guy was either pepper spraying or… Read More

Maggie Cheng Weekly Example 2/18

I thought this campaign was effective because many people always think Asians look alike and throughout this video, these boys tested it out. I feel like it’s very stereotypical in today’s society where people think all Asians look… Read More


This campaign is very effective since it provoked a reaction over people who were against deportation. People would approach the artist and would try to make him change his message, and by the end, it made people create… Read More

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