#StayHome – Maggie Cheng

                            The first post I did got 301 likes and 43 comments. The second post I did got 160 likes and 8 comments.

Teka Edwards-Deere #stayhome instagram post

The post got 33 likes and 3 comments.

Hannah Ratcliff- Final Post #StayHome

This post received 47 likes and 17 comments.

Amanda Rosas – Instagram Stay Home Final Post

 As you can see my post had: 2 interactions ( 2 clicks to my profile) 81 accounts were reached. 105 impressions  

StayHome_Wafa Alharthi

[#stayhome]                                       followers:29 seen by:14 The hashtag is #stayhome with STAY HOME sticker. The post is a video of me… Read More

Final Post #stayhome

Final post. #Stayhome

Final – Instagram Due May 5th

Create a meaningful #stayhome Instagram post following the suggestions in this article: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/instagram-launches-stay-home-story-co-watching-feature-amid-covid-19-outbreak/356960/#close Post a screen capture of your post and indicate how many likes and/or followers you received. Upload your screen capture image using the category stayhome… Read More

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