Final – Instagram Due May 5th

Create a meaningful #stayhome Instagram post following the suggestions in this article: Post a screen capture of your post and indicate how many likes and/or followers you received. Upload your screen capture image using the category stayhome… Read More

Final article – Due May 5th

Read the following article: Answer the following questions as a comment to this post: Do think this is fair or unfair and why? What would you do if this happened to you. Be very specific. How would… Read More

Alexandra Rivera 3/3


  I think this campaign is very effective since engaging with the public because it’s very fun and create some “energy” since it’s an ad campaign to vitamin water.

Teka Edwards-Deere Weekly Example 2/18

Purpose: to bring homeless awareness Audience: New Yorkers, and whoever else watches this channel Was it effective: I would say that it was somewhat effective because people started reacting finally when the guy was either pepper spraying or… Read More


I think this is an interesting experiment that shows how women see themselves. This is important because the client can work on how to improve their self-love.

Maggie Cheng Weekly Example 2/11

The purpose of this social experiment was to see how people would react if it was them sitting on the streets. It’s effective because homelessness is a major issue and many people tend to walk by them not… Read More

Teka Edwards-Deere Weekly Example 2/11

Purpose of example: To see how people react to this guy having the coronavirus Audience: people that know about the coronavirus Why it’s effective: It’s effective because of how relevant it is right now

Naturalization Questions

When was the Constitution written? (1787) What stops one branch of government from becoming too powerful? (Checks and Balances, Separation of Powers) What are the two responsibility that are only for United States citizens? (serve on a jury… Read More

Santiago Cerquera – Weekly Examples

1/20 Payphone Office The purpose of the example? The purpose is to give the payphones a useful service since they mostly take up space and aren’t used. The audience for the example? People using them for conference calls, working in… Read More

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