Immigration web and social media

Due March 3, 2020 Teka/Daniel Finish the “Myths About Immigration” quiz Create a graphic where we will link the quiz (like the naturalization one) Amanda/Maggie Create a page with statistic/quotes about immigrants Hannah Finish editing the naturalization vidoes… Read More

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Ethics Week Schedule

Check out this word document for the schedule. Ethics Week Draft schedule

Ethics Week SBT Event

We are seeking speakers (faculty and students) for our annual Ethics Week (Ted-Type) Talks, in which presenters will have 8 to 12 minutes to share their story or idea! This year’s Ethics Week theme is immigration and migration…. Read More


Leader: Teka, Becky, Santiago Timeline Check-in with each group Deal with ethics community/spokesperson Map Group Santiago Wafa Alex – Printing 2 Maps – Pins (possibly as locations) – Map Placement Citizenship Test Becky Hannah Joe Erdeljon – Questions… Read More

Immigration research

Marymount Ethics Week: Feb 10-14.  Ethics and (Im)migration Four Categories of  Immigration Status in the U.S. U.S. Citizens These are people who were either born in the U.S. or who have become “naturalized” after three or five years as… Read More

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