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The notion of the “American Dream” is changing and individuals are uncertain of achieving it. The article talks about how the American Dream has was much simpler to achieve back then, however Americans are now struggling with the… Read More

American Dream Articles

American Dream “It’s not materializing because the cost of things has risen, but wages have stayed the same, and full-time jobs have diminished.”- Lucky Severson We have a set idea on what the American Dream represents a humble… Read More

American Dream Article

Hispanics often lead the way in their faith in the American Dream The article discusses how  in many cases, Hispanic residents’ faith in the American Dream exceeds that of whites and African Americans which contrasts sharply with the current… Read More

The American Dream is a State of Mind

The American Dream is a State of Mind Everybody has a different idea of what the American Dream actually is. For some it might be building a successful business, others might want to achieve a home of their… Read More

American Dream Articles

Rescuing the American Dream: Rescuing the American Dream is about the work America must do now to make the “American Dream” achievable for everyone. We have created a pattern for success (high school>college>degree>job>money & family) that has become… Read More

American Dream Articles

Post your ethics and morality relevant American Dream article here with a link to the article and up to 5 sentence summary. Also post an insightful reflection by a contemporary or historical  person of power or renown. Category:… Read More

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