Immigration web and social media

Due March 3, 2020


  • Finish the “Myths About Immigration” quiz
  • Create a graphic where we will link the quiz (like the naturalization one)
  • Create a page with statistic/quotes about immigrants
  • Finish editing the naturalization vidoes
  • Upload them to google drive/dropbox and send me the link
  • Upload the photos from ethics week in a slider (each picture same height)
  • Write/copy a summary of Ethics Week with images
  • Social media: create at least a Facebook account and maybe instagram
  • Use the logo Wafa made last class for the profile
  • Putting everything together (videos, graphics, social media links, pages)
Prof. Erdeljon
  • Be forgiving
If any major issues come up you can either email more or text me (434-566-8132). Due  3/3/20

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