Immigration Map

The map will be placed next to or close to the events of the auditorium. With Alex, Wafa, me or all of us close to the map to encourage people to put a sticker if they are immigrants, their parents are immigrants, or their grandparents are immigrants with different color-coded stickers. with mini posters on the side of the map with instructions; Are you an Immigrant? use the stickers below to determine whether you’re an immigrant, your parents are immigrants or your grandparents are immigrants and where they are from.

Times subject to change:
Monday- 11:45 am, Alex – Ballston Auditorium
Tuesday- 2 pm, Santiago and Wafa – Reinsch Auditorium
5 pm, all of us – Ballston Center
Wednesday-  11 am, Santiago – Reinsch Auditorium
1 pm, Wafa- Reinsch Auditorium
No one is available friday

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