Due March 24 – article review

Watch at least 6 or more videos on the following two “TikTok for good” camping pages.

(Not just the first several videos scroll well down through the 33,000 videos)

As a comment to this post answer the following questions:

  1. Explain which of the videos you watched for the #DanceForChange was most effective in meeting the campaign goals and why? And which video was least effective and why?
  2. Explain which of the videos you watched for the #ForClimate was most effective in meeting the campaign goals and why? And which video was least effective and why?
  3. Is TikTok a good platform for performance media based campaigns. If so why and if not why not.
    Cite at least three articles that support your view.
  4. After looking through this webpage the pages linked to it https://www.tiktok.com/forgood , what would be a good new topic for a TikTok campaign and why?



The United Nation’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) launched the world’s largest dance challenge to help people in rural areas of Africa and other developing countries. IFAD’s #DanceForChange TikTok’s videos were created by our users as a virtual petition to increase investment in sustainable agriculture.

33K videos created

81M video views



In partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, TikTok launched a global campaign to spread climate change awareness in over 100 markets. With special effects, filters and stickers, TikTok users shared knowledge about climate change, drew attention to the impacts of extreme weather, and urged people to better protect our planet.

273K videos created

384M video views

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  1. #1
    The best video I watched was posted by Rudebone, who is African artist. Rudebone. The video was a dance video, what made it special was the background. The dancer danced in front of agricultural farm implements associated with rural setups. This presented the context of the video in a manner that could be understood by the audience. The song also presented the intention of the video, which was to support people in rural areas of Africa. The least effective video I watched was by Savana, it was about a leopard gecko feeding (Savana, 2019). The video completely missed the point, there was no dancing involved, the message was also not what was intended by the campaign.

    The TikTok video by on the #Danceforclimate platform by Sari Aalto was the best of the six videos I watched. It met all the requirements of the campaign and used images that young people can easily relate to. The video is about a young lady with a monkey on her arms. She then realizes that the temperature around her was becoming extreme, the climate was becoming too hot in some areas and too cold in other. The images of the polar bear and a sticker asking ‘what can you do’ and ‘what can I do’ show how much the situation has escalated. It also gave certain solutions to some of the climatic issues the world was facing. Some of these included driving less. This is definitely to prevent too much carbon emission into the atmosphere. Another was the recycling of waste, especially plastics. Plastics are indeed some of the biggest threats to climate due to their production. The least effective video I watched was #1 Simple IDEAS, Save MONEY (PART 1) by Hrutul. First of all, the video completely missed the point because it focused on a different topic, which was not climate change. Instead, it was about saving money.

    TikTok is a good platform for performance media-based campaigns. First, this is because TikTok has a large number of users (Anderson, 2020). Videos on TikTok have been known to attract over 100 million views for personal videos. It is, therefore, a very powerful tool that can be used for media-based campaigns. The stipulated size of videos on TikTok is another reason why it is can be effective for these campaigns (MS, 2019). The videos posted have to be precise, and at the same time, meet the requirements of the campaign. The platform is also mainly used by young people in society (MS, 2019). Most of the creative people in society today are young stars, this makes it easy for campaigns to get as much content as required.
    #DanceForDiversityAndInclusion would be an excellent campaign to encourage youngsters to embrace diversity. The world today is faced with a situation that has existed for ages. Many are yet to embrace cultural, ethnic, racial and other forms of diversity. Racism persists to date and the world leaders appear to be numb about the current situations. A campaign on embracing each other despite the cultural, racial and ethnic differences that exist can be a good campaign. Many are likely to embrace it and, in the end, it will have a positive impact on society.

  2. I found rudebone who danced in the middle of a goat farm that actually gives the idea of what the goal of the hashtag was about. However, one girl simply did her makeup without actually dancing but still using the hashtag, so it would be confusing if that would count for the petition.

    The best one for #Forclimate was cfpatrik who showed where he send a mountain of plastic bottles to a recycling center and then showed an event where people were gonna clean up a public space. Another effective one showed how to use a newspaper as a bag instead of using it for plastic ones. The least effective was one of a girl that just sat down as she was passing a guy, which didn’t show much of how she was helping the planet.

    A new topic would be things to keep clean while this pandemic is happening, such as remotes or keyboards not just washing our hands. Even ways to still engage with people online even when we can’t go outside, or just by calling or facetiming.

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