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As a comment to this post answer the following questions:

  1. How can this be applied to a performance media initiative?
  2. How can this be used maliciously?

A YouTuber’s fancy Bali vacation sure looked nice. Nope, the photos were taken in an Ikea

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  1. 1. For performance Media initiatives the opportunities are endless. Using places like Ikea gives us resources to create sets without needing a lot of money. It also is an interesting way to test if social media followers can see if they’re being tricked (like this video).

    2. Pretending to be somewhere you’re not adds more deceit to social media.

  2. 1- I think , with the several media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked-Inn, WhatsApp, YouTube etc., information that is important can be targeted to a specific groups of people. With the performance media initiative, an online platform like Facebook that has lots of subscribers can be used to communicate useful information about anything. By using a platform page that has a lot of likes from people, the message can be targeted groups of people with an aim of passing crucial information to them. This can enhance media and information coverage especially with the platforms that have a lot of subscribers and likes.

    2- I think, the media life can be used in a malicious manner in several ways. Given that a lot of people do subscribe to various media platforms, various people misuse these platforms in an ill-manner to benefit themselves only. First, the online platforms can be used to solicit for funds. By coming up with a false way of seeking sympathy, most of the known people or celebrities can be trusted into receiving certain favors from the online subscribers. Secondly, the online platforms expose falsified lives by various people. Most people do not want to look like they are suffering, but rather seem to be well-off and create some form of mindset about them to various people.

  3. This can be applied to a performance media initiative because the video demonstrates how broad the online world is. It also demonstrates how people have become so dependent on social media, I think it could be a great way to get others to face reality.

    This can be used maliciously because it is deceiving. Influencers can provide false information and create conflict within society.

  4. How can this be applied to a performance media initiative?
    This project proves how the online “area” is broad and a place os not a problem anymore. We can create a performance media that will be on the other side of the world without even leaving the bed.

    How can this be used maliciously?
    I have watched these types of videos everywhere. First, it was funny because you can prove how easy is to pretend you are someone else, or that you can be “anywhere” without leaving your house.
    But now, people are actually using this to fake their identity or location.
    One video, the person was actually doing the opposite, he was traveling internationally and pretended to be working at the office ( here’s the link if you’re curious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sU07ZanA5FQ )

  5. 1) This can be applied to performance media because there is so much that can be done online. Like the Ikea video, I have watched many similar videos to people faking it and making it seem realistic to where their friends and family think it’s true.

    2) This can be used maliciously because you’re pretending to be doing something you’re actually not. It’s almost like catfishing a person, which is probably way worse than faking to be somewhere else. Either way, it is still deceiving and it can cause people to stop supporting you if you are a big influencer.

  6. 1. How can this be applied to a performance media initiative?
    It shows that creating fun or interesting post for social media, can be easy and fun. It demonstrates that a person does not need super high-quality equipment for everything in order to make an interesting engaging post.
    2. How can this be used maliciously?
    It could be easy to fake the number of people involved in the initiative. Even by faking the location of events, it can be used to lie about how well things went for a hashtag. Especially for those that pay bots to engage with them to easily boost their own post.

  7. Sorry this is late!
    How can this be applied to a performance media initiative?
    This can be applied in many ways. For example you could do an experiment and take real travel photos and create fake ones to see if other people can pick out the fake photo and compare results.

    How can this be used maliciously?
    Somebody could take this idea and lie about being somewhere, like saying they’re really sick in the hospital to get views, likes, or whatever. It’s almost like what Dee Dee and Gypsy Blanchard were doing, where the mom lied about all of the medical issues her daughter had so that she could get attention and money donated to them.

  8. How can this be applied to a performance media initiative?
    Know how to trick the viewers mind had been a trick used on marketing and advertising a lot because it catches people’s attentions and a performance media initiative this is important. and if done right I can safe money,

    How can this be used maliciously?
    When a person does it with a malicious intent or constantly is bad and the person or organization can loose credibility which for a Performance media initiative is very important. people need to know that you are serious about things like this.

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