Due Feb. 11 – article review

  1. Read the following article
  2. As a comment to this post answer the following questions:Which of the art initiatives is the most effective approach to transforming the lives of refugees and what?
    If you feel more than one of the art initiatives are most effective explain why?


7 art initiatives that are transforming the lives of refugees

7 Comments on “Due Feb. 11 – article review

  1. I think the most effective art initiatives are the ones that are twofold; they bring art to the refugees and help them learn skills to manage their situation. I thought the example that taught art and hygiene and the art therapy to be the most effective. Not only do the refugees get art, they learn how to improve their health and they get mental health services to deal with the trauma of being a refuge.

  2. I think the most effective art initiative is The Za’atari Project. This aims at empowering refugees through extra-ordinary public murals and educational art workshops. Since the art initiative not only focuses on arts but also emphasizes the useful educational topics, this gives the refugees an opportunity to make the arts and at the same time be able to be educated on other aspects of life. This helps the refugees have a sense of what is happening around the world especially in the area of education. The initiative has an aspect of education is capable of teaching the refugees about the future aspects of life. This gives tactics and ways that they can survive on their own outside the refugee camps. Therefore, this art initiative can be of great value to the refugees

  3. The most effective one is Exile Voices because pictures are taken at the moment in real life. The ability to tell stories in the refugee camps with pictures can say a thousand words. Even taking pictures of their everyday life in the camps can give people a glance at what many cannot see. With many of them being kids, they are able to express a lot more vividly the pictures when they take them, whether it is for a birthday or just having fun.

  4. I think that the Paint Outside the Lines art initiative would be the most effective. The reason being is because it gives a chance for the kids to be creative during these times as well as being able to provide a voice for them.

  5. I think the most effective art initiative is Paint Outside the Lines because it has to do with children. It encourages children to express themselves and it empowers young people to be more creative. They get to be creative around their community which is pretty nice and voice their artwork.

  6. I believe the “#4 Skoun – supporting refugees through therapeutic art is very effective” since mental health is a very important topic and these people who went through a lot, should have a way to understand themselves and their feeling. And I believe art is a great way to demystify mental health issues.

  7. I think the most effective one is UNHCR because it demonstrates how with art and unity beautiful things can be accomplished. The project required many from the community to be involved. The project had the ability to bring everyone together and collaborate while focusing on ‘Hope’, ‘Memories’ and ‘The Impact of War On Families’.

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