MUrBeautiful event schedule

In preparation for Thursday’s MUrBeautiful here is everything you need to know thus far:

  • We need to make a sign for our table (something similar to the signs we had for the #youpeopleproject) using Danni’s MUrBeautiful logo. (I shared it through the google drive)
  • We also need Make-up wipes (preferably for sensitive skin).
  • Brittany was gracious enough to allow us to use her polaroid camera and she bought film for it. We can decide as a class how we plan to use it.
  • I am in the process of making the Facebook invite for the event, once you’re invited, please invite ALL of your female MU friends.

Here are the times people signed up for last Tuesday:

Tylar, Frank, Rick, Nora 12p-4p
Danni 12p-
Anbarin 3-4p
Maha After 12:30p/After 3:15p
Nouf 12:30p-2p
Rebecca 12:15p-1:30p/3:15p-4p
Brittany 12:15p-1p/2p-4p
Bayan 3p-4p

Tylar A. Abrams

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