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1. Read 89 Of The Funniest Protest Signs Ever

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3. As a comment to this post answer the following questions:

1. What is the impact of social media on citizen activism rallies? – Cite at least three sources
2. How can this be used for performance media activism?


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  1. 1. Social media helps raise awareness to causes (#oscarssowhite), promotes and tracks engagement, and can help people find nearby protests/rallies. For those who do engage and use social media as a tool to get involved, social media is priceless. Although, there is the risk of people simply tweeting/reposting ideas without doing anything more than that. But overall social media unites people to create social justice.


    2. If there is a type of interactive performance media, having a hashtag can invite more people to engage with it. For the dancing traffic cam, a #dancetrafficlight could get people talking about it and get more people to come out and dance/visit the lights.

  2. 1. Social media has been rapidly growing over the decades. Due to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, these platforms help promote certain awareness and causes. It helps track how many viewers are engaging with the awareness and it can bring people together for certain rallies. For example, social media help raise awareness for the #MeToo movement aiming awareness around sexual harassment and assault. That’s where people were brought together for a rally and speak out.


    2. Performance media can be used for activism in many sorts of ways. Just like The Dancing Traffic Light was bringing awareness to people not using them before crossing the street. They have people go inside a traffic box and they dance and the little traffic light moves and it engages people to actually wait for the stoplight to turn green. It’s innovative and interactive.

  3. 1. What is the impact of social media on citizen activism rallies? – Cite at least three sources
    Social Media can help to spread the word of a movement and it helps to promote awareness to a public that may be ignorant/indifferent to the subject but in the end, joins the cause


    2. How can this be used for performance media activism?
    The social media can be a tool to link people to know more about the action through a hashtag. Also to ask people to make an action like for example #AslIceBucketChallenge

  4. 1. What is the impact of social media on citizen activism rallies? – Cite at least three sources
    Social media has made an impact on citizen activism rallies by modifying how people communicate. As the use of media has increased, so have the demand of faster communication. Multiple studies demonstrate the relationship between the two and how the media is a major factor as far as influnecing goes. There seems to be a continous domino effect when one gets modified, the other changes along with it.


    2. How can this be used for performance media activism?
    It can be used to spread awareness to those who are not there at the time of the preformance. It will also help by allowing others to see it at a higher rate.

  5. 1. Social Media can help spread awareness of issues and topics to people all over the world. Activist rallies can even start on social media an as it gains followers it can grow into something massive. A huge aspect of social media is politics, today you see countless politicians and even regular people arguing on a certain topic on social media.
    2. This can be used for performance media activism because anyone can go to these rallies with a camera and a microphone and ask questions to the people participating in the rally. News outlets all over the country send reporters down to these rallies to get an inside scoop of what its like and why people are at the rally in the first place.

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