Preliminary Interface Layout

basic layout Section 1: Main game screen

This is where the game actually takes place. Foes travel along this path from the edge of the level to the building. The player must strategically place the elements they create along the path, where they will act as defense turrets.

Section 2: Information panel

This section displays information about whatever is under the player’s mouse pointer. If the player clicks on a selectable object on the main game screen, then this section will display more detailed information and/or show the possible actions the player can take using the selected object.


Section 3: Elemental Resources

This section keeps track of the various chemical elements in the player’s inventory. Once each round, the player can use the “MINE” function to add a number of elements to their inventory. The chance of any element being added will be based on the actual abundance of that element in the earth’s crust.


Section 4: Mineral panel

This section shows the various minerals that can be assembled. When the player has sufficient elements in their inventory to construct a particular mineral, the button corresponding to that mineral will light up and become enabled; otherwise, they will remain grayed out. Clicking an enabled button will create an instance of that mineral for the player to place on the main game field, and deduct the required resources from the player’s inventory.

If the mineral selected is one the player has not used before, a pop-up box like the one below will appear and the player must assemble a molecule of the desired mineral in order to unlock it.

mineral popup
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