Dominican Legacy Schedule

Production Schedule:


3/17: Deadline: Tribute wall solution (adding post)

3/18: Editing Interviews and Sound Bites

  • Full team present

3/24: Website structure built

3/25: Filming the inside of the Dominican Retreat

  • Entire team present

3/27-3/29: Palm Sunday Retreat, 1 Weekend , Women Only

  • Entire team present

3/31: Website copy (About & History/Timeline Pages)

4/1: Edit photos and shots

  • Full team present

4/7: Begin adding media to website

4/8: Outside Shots of the Retreat

  • Full team present
  • Filming the area of the Dominican Retreat to get a sense of the location

4/12: Edit Outside Shots of Retreat

  • Full team present

4/14: Add additional media to website

4/15: Another Filming of the outside of the Dominican Retreat

  • Full team present
  • Making sure that the weather will be good enough to film
  • Making sure that we have covered all of the location (or the areas that we are allowed to be on).
  • Rough cuts of footage (Even after shooting)

4/17-4/18: Retreat for Spanish Speaking Women

  • Full team present

4/19: Editing the Outside Footage

4/21: Final Touches to website

4/25: Final Edits (Compiled)

4/28: Finalized website

4/29: Completion Date

  • Fine cut of footage




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