Mineral TD Schedule

I have not worked on a project like this before, so these are mostly guesses. Ideally, the indicated work should be completed by the indicated dates, but some stages may drag on longer than others. I will update this schedule as necessary.


Due dates:


3/10 (spring break)

Begin brainstorming and planning.



Record requirements for final game; how it should work, what functionalities should be present, separate the must-have items from the luxury items.

Identify game engine/tools to be used for development.



Design a layout for the basic user interface



Program in basic gui layout



Design and program a game level, including layout and foes.

Add GUI functionality as applicable.



Design and program the mineral synthesis system and behavior of minerals

Add GUI functionality where applicable.



Add/refine game logic and GUI functionality until all basic elements function as intended.



Complete any programming or other work necessary to get the game working properly.

If the game is already functional, add elements to improve it, such sound effects or better graphics.


5/5 (project due)

The game MUST be working by this point. All programming must be finished. All code and resources must be combined and compiled into an executable format. If there is extra time, begin adding advanced game features for a future release, such as additional mineral recipes, tiered element mining, etc.

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