misconduct research

Title IX informs me about my rights as a student of a school that receives federal funding, making me aware of the possibility to detect and deflect sexual harassment or sexual discrimination typical behavior. Thus, I become not only aware of what should not happen to me, but I am also in position to recognize when such misconduct happens to those around me.
It is important to know and help others know about Title IX in order to be able to protect oneself and others form anything related to sexual abuse or discrimination. Violent or abusive behavior toward one’s partner at home can easily translate into similar behavior on the campus. There are plenty of trustworthy sources of information that show that sexual harassment, sexual discrimination and sexual abuse still occur in the life of many students across the country. Therefore, Title IX gives students the support and the means of taking steps against perpetrators who fall under the categories described. Title IX” offer students the opportunity to step forward and take action on the way to freeing themselves as well as their school environment of sexual misconduct. The same act requires schools to intervene immediately, take measures, offer guidance and counseling to victims, protect and generally create a specific frame to effectively deal with situations involving sexual misconduct.

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