Sexual Misconduct Research

Sexual Misconduct Research

How does Title IX effect you as a university student – specifically related to sexual misconduct

1) Title IX is best known for requiring gender equality in college athletics. However, Title IX is broadly prohibiting discrimination on basis of sex in any education program or activities. Under the same title IX law sexual violence also referred to as misconduct is any hostile environments / sexual harassment. This is a serious law put in place to protect all students at the university. Knowing that no matter the situation your university has a policy, a plan and law behind it to support you, care for you and protect you. This is really important for students to know and understand their schools policies, not only if something were to happen to them but if they were to see or even something that potentially could help someone else.

2) Annotated (summarized) research into sexual misconduct on college campuses with links to your sources/articles

Is a website that explains different laws including Title IX, explains a complaint, who can file a complaint, the complaint process and answers so many other questions anyone would be interested in knowing about Title IX specifically. This site help put into perspective the details behind Title IX and really what the law means.

This magazine is constantly updated with articles, videos, podcasts etc. for individuals to read and get involved to be active members of their university or college’s campus safety. This article specifically discusses how to comply with the Dept. of Educations Title IX sexual violence guidance.

Both of these sites I looked more specifically at Marymount’s Title IX, Sexual Misconduct policies and what MU has to offer students information and help.

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