Misconduct Research/ Tittle IX

How does Title IX effect you as a university student – specifically related to sexual misconduct


I think having tittle IX in action is great. It gives a sense of security to people who may discriminated and they know they still have a chance at their education despite any personal problems. Sex should not determine in any way a persons ability to get an education nor should race. This keeps schools from trying to hide anything that they might not want out in the “media” because its not all about an image and publicity, discrimination of sex towards an individual is challenging a life. The material cannot amount to a persons life, their experience and opportunities should be priority.

Annotated (summarized) research, with links to your sources/articles, into sexual misconduct on college campuses – be prepared to report your findings to your classmates.

-Many schools have surveys that are given to students to gain perspective. They also make sure all students are aware of the things available to them.

-stats are available for not only women but men as well. This includes actions as well as intentions.

– The Washington post talks about the highest account of sexual assaults and why they are rising.

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