Misconduct Research

1. How does Title IX effect you as a university student – specifically related to sexual misconduct.


Title IX allows me as a Marymount student to feel that the campus environment is safer thanks to Title IX requiring schools to proactively respond to sex discrimination in a way that does not harm the victim of sexual misconduct, as well as gives the victim the necessary protection they may need.


2. Annotated (summarized) research, with links to your sources/articles, into sexual misconduct on college campuses – be prepared to report your findings to your classmates.



This article is posted by a constantly updating magazine ad website made to be read by individuals involved in the higher-level decisions related to all aspects of university and school safety and security. This article shows the information that may be of interest regarding Title IX about how claims of sexual misconduct must be dealt with.

This website contains many other articles referring to Title IX.




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